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DIY Strategy Guide: Creating A Mobile Shopping Campaign (Google & Microsoft Only)
DIY Strategy Guide: Creating A Mobile Shopping Campaign (Google & Microsoft Only)

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of creating device-specific Google/Microsoft Bing Shopping Campaigns using the S&O App.

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A valuable exercise when managing your Shopping campaigns is to review performance by device type. Google & Microsoft Bing have three segments:

  1. Mobile

  2. Desktop

  3. Tablet

Reviewing this data in the S&O Campaign Manager is easy! Follow this quick guide for device-level segmentation to start getting a better understanding of your campaigns performance by device.

PRO TIP: When reviewing your device-level performance, there are certain queues that can hint it's time to separate your device platforms into their own Shopping campaigns. Here are a couple we look for:

  1. Mobile devices are spending most of the daily budget on any given day with a low conversion rate (under 1%).

  2. Mobile devices are driving most of the traffic, and desktop has a very high conversion rate (over 5-6%).

  3. You've tried placing a negative bid modifier on mobile, and the majority of traffic still goes there.

The goal of creating this split is to take more control over how you're spending your daily budget. With separate campaigns for mobile and desktop/tablet, you can get even more granular in your product bidding as well as other optimizations, such as negative keywords, location targeting, RLSA, etc.

When it comes time to create your device-specific campaigns, here's how you can get it done with Sales & Orders.

First, you'll create a new campaign in the Campaigns tab of either Google or Microsoft, whichever you are working in.

Next, start inputting your settings for the new campaign (i.e. targeting, priority, etc.). Here's a guide for that as well.

NOTE: This new campaign should be set to a MEDIUM priority, the same as the original Primary campaign.

Towards the bottom of the settings page, you'll see the "Device Settings" section is expandable. Click on blue "Show Device Settings" text to reveal the modifiers.

For your new campaign, you'll want to set your Mobile Bid Modifier as Decrease - 100% and leave Desktop/Tablet modifiers at 0.

Once this is complete, set your daily budget and save the campaign.

The last step would be to go to the settings of the original campaign, and adjust the device settings for Desktop/Tablet to Decrease - 100% and leave Mobile at 0%

Once both campaigns have been adjusted with the proper device modifiers, make sure you add products to the new campaign.

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