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Adding/Removing Products From Your Feed
Adding/Removing Products From Your Feed

Add and/or remove products from your feed in bulk with just a few clicks.

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The Sales & Orders Feed Tool is built to make the traditionally difficult task of managing your product data feed easy.

Adding and removing products from your feed with the tool can be done with just a few clicks.

Note: when you add or remove products from here it will affect your feed in all channels. If you wish to only remove products from one specific channel, see this article.

Removing Products From Your Feed

To start, navigate to the "Products" section within the Feed Tool.

By default, you'll land in the "In Feed" products list. This is a list of products which are, you guessed it, currently in your feed. This is also the place where you can remove products.

You can select a few products or use column filters to remove products in bulk. For example, if you wanted to remove all products from a certain brand from your feed, you'd click the triangle icon next to "Brand" to build your filter.

Once you've selected your products you wish to remove, you can either click on "Remove Selected Products From Feed" or "Remove All Products Below" to complete the removal.

Note: If you select only a few products using the check boxes, use the "remove selected button," but if you create a filter of products you want to remove use the "remove all" button.

To complete the product removal, head back to your main Feeds dashboard, and click "Send Feed."

Adding Products To Your Feed

This feature is meant for adding products back into your feed that you have previously removed.

If you're adding new products to you store the system will automatically add them.

To get started, find the "Not In Feed" tab in the Products section.

From here, the operation is the same as removing products. Either select a few products or create a filter to bulk add products. Once you've selected the products you wish to add back to the feed, click "Add Selected Products To Feed" or "Add All Products Below."

To complete adding products, head back to your main Feeds dashboard, and click "Send Feed."

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