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FAQ: How do I Include or Exclude products in my feeds using Feed Rules?
FAQ: How do I Include or Exclude products in my feeds using Feed Rules?
Updated over a week ago

In Feed Tool > Feed Rules there are two unique attributes in your Sales & Orders accounts:

  • Exclude From Channel

  • Include In Channel

Essentially, they both function in a similar fashion, allowing you to create Filters for either excluding products from select or all channel feeds or, conversely, including products in select or all channel feeds.

Both are Filter Only rule types thus there is no attribute to be set:

Your first step is to create your desired filter, and in this example we are using:

  • Price > Less Than > 5 - Exclude From Channel which will exclude ALL PRODUCTS that meet this criteria

  • Note that if you were to use Include In Channel the same rule would force your feed to only contain ALL PRODUCTS with a price less than 5

After creating your filter, you'll then need to select which Product Channels you wish to have this rule applied to:

  • Note that you can create unique rules per channel or apply the same rule to multiple channels

  • Pricing Tool: This channel should be used on its own when subscribed to a Repricer plan, thus allowing you to filter out specific products to only be run against competitors

Once you are satisfied with your settings click Save. You can then scroll down to preview your Rule:

As with any Modify Products Rule, you must Send Feed to have them applied to your desired channels.

Navigate to Feeds tab > API Feeds panel and click Send Feed. Note that you'll have to send each channel separately:

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