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BigCommerce Multi-Storefront (MSF)

How to set up S&O apps for your BigCommerce Multi-Storefront configuration

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All S&O apps are compatible with BigCommerce's new Multi-Storefront (MSF) launch. Installing S&O apps for each storefront is quite easy and straightforward.

This guide will walk you through getting started as well as adding an additional storefront when you're ready.

Installing Sales & Orders Apps

Starting from your BigCommerce admin panel under Channel Manager you may note your various storefronts:

The easiest way to get started with S&O is by way of our Google Shopping app, so from here:

  • Scroll down to the Ads & Social section at the bottom of this page and click on the + Add new link

  • Under the Ads & Social section on the next page locate and click Connect next to Google Ads

  • Find our app Sales & Orders and click Connect

  • Click Install

  • Click Confirm

IMPORTANT: From here you will land directly in the Sales & Orders app within your BigCommerce admin UI and on the Billing Page where you would select your plan and start your 15-day Free Trial. Please note that if you are already leveraging S&O for your store then reinstalling DOES NOT IMPACT your account.

Adding An Additional Storefront

Adding another one of your storefronts after you've completed the initial install of S&O is super easy.

  • Start by locating and clicking on the account drop-down menu (your main account is listed here) and then click All Accounts

  • This will land you on an account list table which will eventually list all your storefronts from which you can access an instance of S&O per each storefront:

  • By clicking on the BigCommerce Storefronts button a pop-up window will appear where you can start connecting your next storefront:

  • Clicking Connect here will prompt you to confirm your storefront setup by clicking Yes:


Now that you have connected an additional storefront any time you access Sales & Orders you will be presented with your Storefront selection screen, where you can select and then load your desired storefront to start with.

While logged into Sales & Orders already again, you'll be able to access different storefronts from your All Accounts section by clicking on the Account name in the far left column:

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