All ecommerce stores that wish to send products to and/or advertise on channels like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more are also required to abide by the policies and guidelines set forth by the channels.

Each channel is unable to support feeds and/or ads that are hosted at subdomains. For example stores that are not fully live or that have subdomain URLS:



As such, any store that is not Active/Live and positioned on its Custom Domain will not be eligible to install and utilize our platform and instead will receive an error message such as in the example below:

Our app prevents such stores from further accessing the app so as to adhere to the policies set forth by the channels and also to prevent store owners from facing Account Suspensions by tools such as Google Merchant Center, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Business Manager.

Once you've launched your store at its Custom Domain, you may return to gain full access to Sales & Orders to begin your 15-Day Free Trial.

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