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Audiences Overview (Google & Microsoft Bing Only)
Audiences Overview (Google & Microsoft Bing Only)

Remarketing audiences are an effective way to grow your profitability. Here's how you can add them to your campaigns in the S&O platform.

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The Sales & Orders platform is built with profitability in mind, which is why it is comprised of so many profit-driving tools.

One of the most effective ways to drive high ROI traffic to your eCommerce store is to re-engage with shoppers who have visited your site before and browsed, whether they purchased or not.

For more on creating audiences, check out our guide!

Once you have active audiences, you're able to target them using your Shopping ads with a more aggressive bid so your products stand out from the competition, and increase the likelihood of them coming back to your site.

To add an audience target to your Shopping campaign, head into the Audiences section of the Sales & Orders Campaign Manager.

Once here, get start by clicking the +Add Audience Rule button at the top right corner of the screen.

Next, select your campaign and ad group (ad group isn't required), the audience you wish to target, set your bid adjustment percentage and choose your targeting option.

Once you've got your settings complete click Save to apply the change.

Note: by default, the system chooses "Observation" as the targeting setting. You're most likely going to want to just keep that setting. Here is a difference between the two options:

  1. Targeting: You’re telling Google Ads who you’d like to reach with your ads or where you’d like your ads to show on the internet. This limits the reach of your campaign to the targeted audience only, and is not recommended if you want your ads to reach new shoppers as well.

  2. Observation: Allows your ads to show to everyone still, but you're also able to adjust your targeting towards your audience segment in a way that's favorable to your campaign(s).

Note: When setting a bid adjustment percentage, you can input a positive or negative number. If you set your adjustment to 50% for example, your $1.00 bid will go up to $1.50 for members of that audience. If you set it to -50%, your $1.00 bid will go down to $0.50 for members of that audience.

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