Locations Overview (Google Only)

The Locations page offers unique insights into your Google Shopping campaigns that can be used to optimize your performance.

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The Sales & Orders platform aims to provide eCommerce retailers with in-depth reporting that can help drive more sales and increase the profitability of Google Shopping campaigns.

The Locations page in the Campaign Manager is yet another layer of unique data that can be used to improve performance and drive better overall results from your campaigns.

With the help of our connection to your Google Ads account, we import location data that can detail the performance of your ads down to the city/town.

When you first land on the page, your view is a broad overview of all active campaigns performance starting at the national level.

To drill down further, click the Country of the campaign you wish to review. This will reveal the next level of data, in this case clicking the United States reveals State-level data for the S&O | Primary | US campaign.

From here, there are a couple of options. You can either dive deeper into the data down to the city or town level or you can set a targeted bid adjustment on the state-level. A bid adjustment can be set to either increase or decrease your bids for that location.

To set a bid adjustment, find the column to the far right of the chart labeled Bid Adj. You'll notice all of the values down the line are blue. Click on the number for the state you wish to set the bid adjustment for, set your Adjustment Type to either Increase or Decrease, set a percentage value, than click Save.

Once you save, this bid adjustment will apply to the campaign in Google.

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