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Adding Products To Your Shopping Campaigns (Google/Microsoft Bing Only)
Adding Products To Your Shopping Campaigns (Google/Microsoft Bing Only)

When you add new products to your eCommerce store, you'll need to add them into your Shopping campaigns as well. Here's how!

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As you add new products to your catalog, they will need to be added to your Shopping campaigns in order to be seen in search results.

To get started, navigate to the Campaign Manager portion of the app, select the Campaigns page and scroll to the All Campaigns section.

Next, find the campaign you're looking to add new products to, and click on the 3-dot icon on the right of the page to reveal the menu. Select Add Products.

From here, you'll see a list of any products that aren't currently active in your Shopping campaign.

By default, the bids are going to be set to what our Bid Suggestion Engine recommends, but you may change them if you want by clicking on the drop down titled Modify Bids.

Depending on your goals, you can either just add all products to the campaign, or create a filter to only add certain products.

Add All Products

To add all available products to your campaign, simply click on the Add All Products To Pending button.

Lastly, head to the Pending Bids page, click Post All Bids>Yes.

Add Filtered Products

If you only want to add some products to your campaign, let's say a certain brand, you need to create a filter to do so.

In this case, before you click Add All Products To Pending Bids, you'll need to create a filter. To do this, click on the pencil icon next to the Apply Saved Filters dropdown.

From here, you can craft your filter and even save it for future use. By default, you'll notice a filter titled Add Products is already active. To start fresh, click on the +Create Filter button at the top left of the box. This will clear all existing filters so you can create your own custom one.

From here, name your new filter as something you will recognize. For example, if you're creating the filter to add a certain brand to a campaign, name the filter Add Products - Brand Name.

Building your filter involves multiple steps.

First, select your attribute(s). To keep consistent, we're doing a brand in this example, so your attribute from the dropdown will be Brand. Leave the operator as Equals, and select your brand from the Value dropdown.

Next, click on +Add Attribute. The next attribute for our rule is going to ensure we're only looking at products that are Approve or Pending in your data feed. The attribute for this is named Source. Choose Select Multiple from the operator dropdown. Select Approved and Pending from the Value dropdown.

Now that your filter is completed, click Save Filter, than close out of the Manage Filters dialogue box.

To apply your new filter, find it listed in the Apply Saved Filters dropdown, click the checkbox, than click in the whitespace next to the dropdown to apply the filter.

Now your products are filtered, and you can move forward with adding them to pending by clicking Add All Products to Pending Bids followed by Posting all from the Pending Bids page.

Still have questions? Contact or our in-app Live Chat team!

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