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All about the Pending Bids page.

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The final step in the process of updating your product bids or adding new products to your Google/Microsoft Bing Shopping campaigns, is to approve the changes on the Pending Bids page.

You can access this page in one of two ways.

The first and most obvious is to click into the "Pending Bids" tab either in the left side menu or along the top of the screen.

The second way is to click on the small numbered icon in the top right corner of the window.

Posting Bids

To post the bids, simply click Post All Bids in the top right corner of the page, than click Yes.

Removing Bids

You may also Remove Bids if you decide you don't want to post your updates, or you mistakenly submitted an update in one of two ways.

To remove all of the bids, simply click the Remove All Pending Bids button than click Yes.

You may also remove individual bid changes from posting by clicking on the red trash can icon to the right of the screen than click Yes.

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