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Campaigns Page Overview

Broad overview of the Campaigns page, and what can be done here.

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The Campaigns page is a central hub where you can analyze and optimize your Shopping campaigns across Google, Microsoft Bing and Facebook, as well as adjust campaign settings, like daily budget.

Performance Chart

The first section you'll see is the Performance Chart. Much like in the Reporting Dashboard, this chart presents you customized data sets in graph form.

You can update which data you visualize by clicking on the dropdown menu at the top right of the chart, and choosing from the available options.

Additionally, you can choose to compare performance back as far as 60 days to review progress by clicking on the Compare button on the top right of the chart.

If you're running ads on multiple channels, the chart by default will provide you with an aggregate view of all campaigns. You can change this to look at only one channel by choosing an option from the dropdown at the top left corner of the performance chart.

All Campaigns

From here, you can dig deeper into your performance on multiple levels. At first glace, you get an overview of the campaign as a whole in a table containing a number of important data points.

You can add/remove columns by clicking on the three-lined icon and choosing from the available options.

To pause/activate/delete/archive a campaign, click on the green triangle icon to the left of the campaign name to reveal the options menu.

To the right of each listed campaign, you'll see three dots. Clicking that icon will reveal several options for editing/optimizing that campaign.

Let's dive briefly into each option:


From here you can edit the general settings of the campaign, i.e. daily budget, campaign priority, device modifiers and more.

Update Bids (Google/Microsoft Bing campaigns only)

Modify your product-level bids in manual CPC campaigns in Google and Microsoft Bing with this tool. You can choose to adjust all bids at once or utilize advanced filtering to create segments of products and make adjustments as you see fit.

Add Products

Add products to your new or existing Shopping campaigns.

Search Terms (Google/Microsoft Bing Only)

The search terms report shows you the words and phrases shoppers used to find your products in Google and/or Microsoft Bing search results, along with interaction and sales data associated with them.

Additionally, by clicking on the blue search term, you'll reveal which specific product(s) were shown in search results when a user typed in that search term.

Clicking View on the right side will take you to a dashboard for that product only, and reveals an even further level of in-depth reporting.


By clicking delete you can delete a campaign and its data out of the Sales & Orders platform.

Note: This does not pause the campaign. It only removes the data from S&O. If you want to pause the campaign, you'll need to do that from the icon on the left side of the campaign.

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