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Updating Your Bids (Google/Microsoft Bing Only)
Updating Your Bids (Google/Microsoft Bing Only)

A guide for where and how you can update your CPC bids in the Sales & Orders platform.

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When managing a Google or Microsoft Bing Manual CPC Shopping campaign with the Sales & Orders app, an essential task is to update your product-level cost-per-click bids.

To get started, navigate to your Campaign Manager on the left side menu, and click Campaigns.

From here, you'll need to scroll down slightly until you see your list of active campaigns. On the right side of the campaign table, you'll see a three dotted icon on the line next to each campaign.

Click the dots next to the campaign you wish to edit to reveal the actions menu, and select Update Bids:

Once here, you can choose to make adjustments to the bids of every product, use filters to narrow down your selection to adjust only a certain group of products, or adjust the bid one product at a time.

Update All Bids

To update all bids, start by choosing the bid adjustment type you wish to make from the menu.

There are 5 main ways you can update your bids using the S&O platform:

  1. Bid Suggestion Engine - the AI recommended bid

  2. Set CPC To - set your CPC to a specific value directly

  3. Increase CPC - raise your max CPC bid by a certain percentage or dollar amount

  4. Decrease CPC - lower your max CPC bid by a certain percentage or dollar amount

  5. Exclude Products - no longer show selected products in the selected campaign

Once you've decided which adjustment you want to make, click on the Add All product to Pending Bids button.

To complete the update, head to the Pending Bids tab>click Post All Bids>Click Yes.

It will take a couple of minutes for this operation to complete, and the products will remain in pending until it's done. Refresh the page, and once the Pending Bids page is empty the job has been completed.

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