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FAQ: How do I participate in Google's Shopping Experience Scorecard?
FAQ: How do I participate in Google's Shopping Experience Scorecard?
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With our deep integrations to not just Google but also BigCommerce & Shopify, store owners in the United States will be able to get started with delivery estimates as long as they have active order syncing set up within their Sales & Orders accounts.

The order syncing connection is directly linked to supporting Google's new Shopping Experience Scorecard.

Initial requirements for non-customers and or users:

  1. BigCommerce store owners will need to install our Buy on Google app and then complete the Buy on Google connection wizard to continue.

  2. Shopify store owners will need to install our full app, and then complete the Buy on Google connection wizard to continue, and then approve order permissions within their Shopify admin.

To connect Buy on Google as a channel click on Add Features from the main S&O navigation, locate Buy on Google and click Activate. Follow the setup wizard steps to complete the connection:

For either platform, a full Google authentication is required to establish the connection between Sales & Orders and Merchant Center. With these initial steps complete, store owners can then follow below to finalize the connection.

Existing S&O customers with order syncing already enabled or those who have installed the proper app and permissions were enabled:

  1. Any merchant already leveraging our platform for Product Feeds and/or Shopping ads should already have account-level shipping settings applied within Google Merchant Center thus making the next steps SUPER EASY.

  2. An API key is required to establish the connection so we recommend doing this first. From your S&O account, navigate to Marketplaces > Marketplace Settings > API Keys and then click Add API Key. In the pop-up menu, provide a Name, Description, and Scope (Google Order Tracking) and click Create:

  3. IMPORTANT: S&O supports your Account ID as an API Key that can only be exposed ONCE before continuing to the next step. Once you've clicked Create, we will provide you your API Key with an option to copy it at this time. Should you fail to copy it, you'll have to create another:

From Google Merchant Center

  1. Now, from within Google Merchant Center, navigate via the gear icon to Shipping and returns - then, take note of the callout panel to Verify your delivery information and click on this button:


  2. In the next step, click + New verification or click the blue New Verification button directly below:


  3. Following this, locate and click on Sales & Orders in the panel followed by clicking on Link your Sales & Orders account:

  4. In the pop-up window, enter your API Key from earlier and click Link your account:

  5. IMPORTANT: Your key will only be visible ONCE as soon as you click Create and you must copy it at this point or you’ll have to create a new one.

  6. Upon successful linking, order data will begin automatically syncing between your Sales & Orders account and Google Merchant Center!

To verify account linking, click on the gear icon in your Merchant Center account, then click on Linked accounts, and under the Platforms tab you should note Sales & Orders linked under Status:

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