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Product Feed Diagnostics
Product Feed Diagnostics

Dig deeper into issues impacting your data feed so you can take steps to fix them.

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The Sales & Orders Feed Tool is built to make product data feed management easy and efficient so you can spend less time worrying and more time growing your business.

With in-app Feed Diagnostics, you're able to gain insight into issues negatively impacting your feeds in Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

Issue Stats give you a high level overview of your feed, showing you how many products are active vs. disapproved in your feed.

Account Issues (available for Google & Facebook only) shows you any major issues affecting your account as a whole. Here, you can see items such as suspension warnings, policy violations, and other product disapproval causes.

Product Issues presents a breakdown of disapproval reason for each product individually. Clicking on the "Import Issues" button will trigger the system to fetch these issues from Merchant Center and present them in the table. Note: This may take several minutes.

Once imported, you can review each product and its disapproval reason.

PRO TIP: To make it easier to review your list, click on the blue text in the Issue column. This will filter your list by that individual issue and the products affected by it.

You may also bulk remove disapproved products from the Product Issues tab. Once you've filtered products by an issue you'll see a red "Remove Products" button appear to the top left of the section.

Clicking this button will remove all of listed products from the feed.

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