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Activate Your Ad Channels and Create Your First Campaign
Activate Your Ad Channels and Create Your First Campaign

You've selected your ads plan, now it's time to activate your channel(s) and create your first campaign in the S&O platform!

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Once you've squared away the ads plan that works best for your situation, it's time to activate your first ad channel (may we suggest Google?), and create your first campaign.

Note: If you've only just created a product feed it may not be approved yet, which means your products won't get traffic in search results even though you can still create a campaign.

To get started, navigate to "+ Add Features" on the left side menu and find the "Ad Channels" section.

If activating Google, click on the "Activate" button in the Google box.

Once you activate Google, you'll be brought to the campaign wizard where you're given two options: build a Smart Shopping campaign or build a Standard Shopping campaign. We recommend starting with a Standard Shopping campaign.

Selecting Standard Campaign will bring you to a settings menu where you can set your daily budget, your minimum and maximum CPC bid limits, and a bidding strategy.

The bidding strategy will determine the bid suggestions given by our Bid Suggestion Engine.

Click "Create Campaign" after you've input the settings that will work best for you.

The system will create two ready-to-go Google Shopping campaigns with your budget:

  1. Primary: this campaign has lions share of your daily budget, and is the campaign you will optimize

  2. All: this campaign is a safety net "catch-all" campaign and will only get traffic if the Primary campaign runs out of budget.

For more information about managing your campaigns with Sales & Orders, check our Campaign Manager Help Center Collection!

Still have questions? Contact us via email at or via in-app Live Chat!

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