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Selecting an Ads Plan

Our ads management platform offers tools that help make e-commerce marketing simpler than ever. Here's how to get started.

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Managing your Shopping campaigns across multiple ads platforms can be extremely time consuming. With Sales & Orders, you can manage everything more efficiently than ever from one centralized platform.

It only takes a few steps to get started!

First, head to the billing portal and click on "Ad Channels."

Next, select a plan tier based on your current monthly ad spend and/or the number of channels you'll be advertising on.

Available Ads Channels are Google, Microsoft Bing (always FREE), Facebook/Instagram, Buy On Google and our Affiliate Network.

For example, if you're spending $2,000 per month and you will be advertising on Google, Microsoft Bing and Facebook/Instagram, you would select the $50/month plan.

Once you've selected the appropriate plan, double check your Checkout cart for order accuracy, and click "Update Plan" to complete your purchase.

Now that your ads plan is active, follow this guide to activate your new ad channel(s)!

Still have questions? Contact us via email at or via in-app Live Chat!

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