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Activate Additional Feed Channels
Activate Additional Feed Channels

You've gotten started on your first channel, and you're ready to expand. Here's how you can do that with S&O.

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With your initial feed channel now up and running, it's time to explore how to activate additional channels, for example Microsoft Bing which is FREE with every plan.

To get started, click on the "Add Features" section on the left side menu than navigate to the section titled "Feed Channels" on the page.

Next, you'll click on "Activate" in the box for Microsoft Bing.

Clicking activate will bring you to the Microsoft Bing setup wizard.

Be sure to Sign in with Microsoft using the same e-mail address that has admin access to your Microsoft Advertising account.

Once you've completed the wizard, the system will begin generating your data feed for submission.

Need help? Contact us at or via in-app live chat!

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