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Getting Started With Your S&O 15-Day Trial
Getting Started With Your S&O 15-Day Trial

Now that you've downloaded the app, let's dive into the steps of getting your account active on the Sales & Orders Platform!

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Welcome to the Sales & Orders family! We're thrilled you've decided to work with us, and are excited to be your partner in achieving your marketing goals!

Getting started on our platform only takes a few easy steps:

Select Your Feeds Plan

Select the Feeds plan that works best with your store. The tiers are SKU-count and channels based, with Microsoft Bing always FREE.

A channel is considered any place you will be submitting a product feed, i.e. Google Shopping, Facebook, Buy on Google, etc. Additionally, if you are planning on advertising in multiple countries, each country you target is also a channel.

So for example, if your store has 3,000 products and you're running ads through Google Shopping, Microsoft Bing and Facebook the plan for you is the $25/month tier.

Optional: Select an Ads plan if you are planning on managing your ads in our platform

Enter Your Billing Information

Note: You will not be charged until the day following your 15-day free trial. The e-mail address you provide here will receive a reminder a few days prior to the first charge.

SHOPIFY USERS ONLY: Approve App Subscription

Once you click "Save Subscription," you will be automatically redirected to Shopify to approve the app subscription.

Reminder: You will not be charged until after the 15-day free trial period has been completed.

Activate Your First Channel

Before the system will create your feed, you'll need to activate a channel. Simply click on "Activate" in the box of the channel you wish to get started on.

Note: Don't forget, Microsoft Bing is always FREE!

Complete Channel Setup Wizard

The setup wizard will walk you through the steps of connecting the S&O platform to your accounts.

When authenticating, please be sure to login using the e-mail address that has admin access to all properties within your advertising channel, i.e. if connecting to Google you should use the e-mail login with admin access to Merchant Center, Google Ads and Google Analytics.

If you're a BigCommerce user and are having issues with Verifying and Claiming your website, refer to this troubleshooting guide.

Once complete your feed will begin generating. It can take up to 3-5 business days to be approved.

Have questions? Contact or our Live Chat team!

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