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FAQ: How do I set up Microsoft Advertising (Bing) UET tag and Conversion goals?
FAQ: How do I set up Microsoft Advertising (Bing) UET tag and Conversion goals?
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To be able to properly track conversions from Microsoft Ads, namely your Bing Shopping campaigns, you'll need to set up to key tools within your Microsoft Advertising account:

  • UET tag

  • Conversion goal

Note that it is highly recommended to configure only one UET tag and one Conversion goal so as to ensure accurate tracking for both conversions and revenue.

Part 1: Create Your UET Tag

Start by logging into your Microsoft Advertising account:

  • From the top menu, click on Tools.

  • Start first with your UET tag under Conversion Tracking.

  • On the next page click Create UET tag

  • Next, name your tag. Optionally, you may also provide a description.

  • Click Save when you are finished.

  • After this, Microsoft Advertising will display your UET tag script which you must Copy and add to your ecommerce website.

IMPORTANT: The way to add this script to your site varies based on which ecommerce platform or solution your store is built on. Please see documentation provided by your cart provider for specific directions.

Part 2: Create Your Conversion Goal

Without a Conversion goal tied to your UET tag, you will be unable to track conversions or revenue from your Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

  • From the main menu again under Tools, now select Conversion goals.

  • When on the page, click Create conversion goal.

  • Next, select Website when prompted and click Next

  • Next, for your goal type, select Purchase from the drop-down menu. Note that the majority of ecommerce stores will need to set this to a Destination URL.

  • Click Next when ready.

IMPORTANT: The following setup may require that you customize your UET tag to account for 'Variable Revenue Tracking.' Please see this Microsoft Advertising support doc for further information.

  • In the next section, start by completing the basic details of your Conversion goal

  • Note that your Destination URL must match the FINAL URL that a shopper lands on after completing a purchase.

  • In the Revenue section, select the option where the value may vary. You can set a default value to be reported for any revenue that was unable to be tracked.

  • Scroll down to find and complete the final settings of your goal.

  • It is generally recommended to leave these in their default state but ensure that Include in "Conversions" is enabled.

  • Click Next at the bottom to continue.

  • Assuming you've already set up your UET tag, the next step has you selecting this and then clicking Save and next:

  • Next is your Event tag which, like the UET tag, must be added to your site code.

  • Copy this script and follow the documentation outlined by Microsoft or by your ecommerce platform or cart provider:

  • And that's it, you're done! With that final step complete, you should be able to begin tracking conversions and revenue properly via Microsoft Advertising. Note that it can take up to 24hrs for reporting to come back in full:

If you experience any difficulty or need assistance with your Microsoft Advertising UET tag or Conversion goals, don't hesitate to Live Chat with us or email us at

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