Though rarely needed, there are times where you may need to clear out or delete an existing product feed within Google Merchant Center. Typically this would only be required if:

  • Google is holding onto a cached version of your feed and you want to perform a full reset by recreating the Content API via Sales & Orders.

  • You had been using another third party feed provider that also leverages the Content API and need to replace it with the one generated by our Feed Tool.

  • You are moving away from a manual feed upload or other third party that does not support the Content API.

To clear/delete an existing Google Merchant Center feed start by logging into your Merchant Center account:

  • Navigate to Products and then Feeds

  • Take note of the existing Feed listed here

  • Hover over the name of the feed until the Trash Can icon appears

  • Click this icon

  • In the pop-up message that appears click Remove

Once the Feed has been completely removed from Merchant Center, you can return to your Sales & Orders account and, in the Feed Tool:

  • Navigate to Feeds

  • Scroll down to the API Feeds panel

  • Locate your Google Feed and click Send Feed

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