Note that the following is only applicable to BigCommerce stores.

At times, the image URL that is sent via the BigCommerce API - stored at a numbered CDN - will become uncrawlable by Google. As such, you will see an issue "Processing failed [image link]" passed back to our app by Google Merchant Center in Feed Tool > Diagnostics:

IMPORTANT: This is not at all due to our app or how we send feeds to channels like Google. It is a technical issue between Google Merchant Center and the BigCommerce CDNs.

Most notably, this issue tends to occur most often at CDN11. Here's an example of an image URL that might be impacted:

How To Fix This Issue

The good news is that you can use your Sales & Orders account to modify the image URL, resend your feed, and this has shown to correct the issue within a few hours and up to 24hrs later.

Here's a step-by-step walkthrough.

Feed Rules

From your Sales & Orders account main interface, navigate to the Feed Tool:

  • Tab over to Feed Rules

  • Select Image Link from the dropdown at the top

  • Now, scroll to the very bottom to the All Rules Preview panel

  • Locate and click on the 3-bar icon to the very right (note that you may need to scroll to the right side to make it visible)

  • From the menu, enable the attribute Image Link to be displayed in the results and then click Apply

  • Take note of the URL structure

  • Copy the URL starting from the very beginning (https) and up to but not including the backslash (/) just before the word products. Now paste this into a separate area to access later such as Notepad on your desktop. The URL you copy should look similar to the below:

Now, we're going to create a new Modifier Rule to replace this part of your image URL with your website URL to correct the issue.

  • Scroll up from the All Rules Preview to the Modifier Rules panel and click Add Rule

  • Now, move to Edit Rule and select Find Replace from the Rule Type

  • Click Manage Templates from this section

Find Replace Template - Image URL Fix

  • You will now be in the Template creator menu. Start by clicking +Create

  • OPTIONAL Name your Template (see below example)

  • Next, click +Add Rule. This will add the necessarily feeds to perform your Find & Replace

  • Take the Image URL you copied from earlier and paste it into the Find text field

  • IMPORTANT: Enclose the URL within asterisks (*)


  • In the Replace with field, enter your full website URL. Do NOT enclose in asterisks. For example:

  • You should have a setup similar to the below. Once set, click Save then click Back.

  • Back at the Edit Rule menu, select your new template from the dropdown list and then click Save:

  • Scroll down to All Rules Preview now and take note of the Modified URL:

  • As you can see above, your website URL has replaced the CDN component of the former Image URL.

With your rule applied the only thing left to do is send your feed to Google Merchant Center.

  • Tab over to Feeds in the Feed Tool

  • Scroll down to the API Feeds panel

  • Click Send Feed for Google

IMPORTANT: Allow Google Merchant Center to reprocess the feed which can take anywhere from 2 hours and up to a full day before you will note the issue being corrected. Additionally note that this rule will NOT impact or harm feeds for other channels so you need not isolate the rule just for Google.

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