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FAQ: Why is "Sale Price" missing from my product feed/catalog (BigCommerce)?
FAQ: Why is "Sale Price" missing from my product feed/catalog (BigCommerce)?
Updated over a week ago

When products are imported into our app from BigCommerce the default import type includes variants (Option SKUs).

With this import type, sale_price as an attribute for channels like Google, Microsoft, Facebook is not imported.

This is due to the nature of how these channels specifically crawl BigCommerce stores looking for meta or structured data in one's website source code.

These channels are unable to detect the Sale Price found on your storefront, so, in this case, the FINAL PRICE is sent in the attribute price:


This ensures that the value for price matches what is in your feed/catalog and subsequently matches what these channels are able to crawl on your storefront.

Without this functionality, these channels would disapprove your products and Google specifically can suspend your Merchant Center account.

For further assistance with this, please contact our team to request support and the option to switch your import type to "Parent SKUs Only."

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