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S&O Version 9.1.0 Release
S&O Version 9.1.0 Release
Updated over a week ago

Over the course of the last few months, our teams here at S&O have come together to begin enhancing the overall experience of our platform for you – our honored merchants! As you log into your account you will undoubtedly notice just a few of these changes, but there is so much more to come.

Here's what's new today…

Enhanced Navigation

The main navigation menu of the app has been updated to make it easier and faster for you to get to the features and tools you use most:

  • User-Controlled - By default, the menu will now always remain open, and you now have the freedom to collapse and expand the menu as you see fit!

  • Menu Rollups - Quickly access the core features of each tool in S&O without having to leave the main menu – each tab will now also auto-collapse so conserve room!

  • Dashboard > Reporting – All your channel performance stats are in the same place – we just renamed this to Reporting based on feedback from you!

  • No More "Preview Mode" – Per all the feedback from you we have removed Preview Mode from the app – it was confusing, we get it, and now its gone!

Simplified Support Options

We've made it easier to get help when you need it most. While Live Chat is always available, the new Support menu has been simplified for convenience. Just click on the (?) icon in the top right corner of your account:

  • No More Crowding – While we have loved our in-app articles, your feedback told us that you prefer accessing support docs right in our external Help Center – now just a click away!

  • Getting In Touch – The new Support menu will also point you to Live Chat, Email, and even Phone support without having to try and find it elsewhere!

Enhanced Email Report Settings

Note that Email Reports are only available when you are creating and managing channel ad campaigns in Sales & Orders – but we have not only updated the UI for these settings we have also added more reporting capabilities:

  • Facebook Stats – Our engineers have added Facebook metrics into the email reports as long as you have activated channel campaigns for Facebook (and Instagram)!

  • Updated Layout – Based on your feedback we have made some slight adjustments to the layout for email report settings!

  • 7 Day, 30 Past – You can now activate a weekly email report that encompasses the last 30 days of performance from your channel campaigns!

New Microsoft Bing Countries

Microsoft Advertising (Bing) recently launched Shopping Ads display for new countries. Now, you can target every available country with a new feed built in S&O for Microsoft Bing (note that Microsoft Merchant Center does not natively support language translation):

  • Austria, German (de-AT)

  • Australia, English (en-AU)

  • Belgium, French (fr-BE)

  • Canada, English (en-CA)

  • Canada, French (fr-CA)

  • France, French (fr-FR)

  • Germany, German (de-DE)

  • India, English (en-IN)

  • Italy, Italian (it-IT)

  • Netherlands, Dutch (nl-NL)

  • Spain, Spanish (es-ES)

  • Sweden, Swedish (sv-SE)

  • Switzerland, German (de-CH)

  • United Kingdom, English (en-GB)

  • United States, English (en-US)

New Modify Products Attributes

Four new attributes are now available in Modify Products found within the Feed Tool. Here's the breakdown:

  • is_bundle and multipack – Available at no additional cost as part of the basic set of attributes found within Modify Products!

  • sell_on_google_price and sell_on_google_sale_price – Only available when using S&O for syncing orders from Buy on Google!

New Facebook Data Requirements

With the changes from the rollout of iOS14 and the privacy impact for apps, new data points specifically for Facebook are now available to add to your reports in the Facebook Campaign Manager:

  • Attribution Setting – Note that this is defaulted by Facebook and cannot be changed in the app.

  • 1 Day Values – Provides Purchase and Purchase Value data based on either Click or View stats based on single day attribution.

  • 7 Day Values – Provides Purchase and Purchase Value data based on either Click or View stats based on a seven day lookback.

Affiliate Network - Advertiser Reporting Updates

For merchants leveraging the S&O Affiliate Network, we have enhanced some of the reporting capabilities:

  • Real-Time Product-Level Stats - We now pull in product-level reporting per Publisher in real time in the new All Products tab!

  • Filter By Publisher - Now available in the Advertiser tools and the Reporting Dashboard, you can now select which Publisher to display data for!


We've only just gotten started and throughout the rest of 2021 we will be introducing some exciting changes and enhancements to Sales & Orders.

Stay tuned! The next big announcement is just around the corner!

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