Template: Affiliate Program Page

An example/template to help guide you on building your Affiliate Webpage on your website

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Below is an example to help guide you on building your Affiliate Page on your website geared towards attracting new Publishers to work with you on the S&O Affiliate Network. Note that this is just a template we we highly recommend you make it your own and personalize it!

Become a [STORE NAME] Affiliate Today! << Page Title

Earn [X%] commission when a customer completes a purchase with valid payment. It is a seamless process using A.I. auditing with payments directly to your account.

Enjoy the benefit of making some extra cash 24/7!

[How to Get Started] <<< H1 Tag

We've partnered with Sales & Orders! <<< H2 Tag

The Sales & Orders Affiliate Network for Publishers allows marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, bloggers, influencers, and more to connect with us as a partner.

Download our marketing collateral, product feeds, message with us, and track payouts and commission performance right from your Sales & Orders Publisher account.

PRIMARY CALL TO ACTION (CTA) - Although text links work, buttons make for a better pop on your web page:

Sign up to become an S&O Publisher today! [Hyperlink using your custom tracking URL that was provided to you in your recap email]

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