Template: Your Advertiser Profile

An example/template to help guide you on building your Advertiser Profile

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Below is an example to help guide you on building your Advertiser Profile for the Affiliate Network. Note that this is just a template we we highly recommend you make it your own and personalize it.

About Us

Established in 2011, [YourStoreName.com] has been the leading provider of [Products] and [Products Accessories] for consumers across the globe. By going to greater lengths that other brands cannot, we have been able to ensure nothing but the highest quality of product and customer service around.

About Our Products

  • We offer a wide range of [Products] and [Products Accessories]

  • Describe more about your unique selling point

  • Talk about what makes your products unique or “better”

  • How many individual SKUs do you carry?

  • What is your Average Order Value?

  • Describe your fulfillment and shipping options/operations

  • Who is your ideal customer?

Commissions Offered

  • Sales: X%

  • Clicks: X%

  • Leads: X%

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