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Cancelling Line Items in Merchant Center (Buy on Google)
Cancelling Line Items in Merchant Center (Buy on Google)

How to handle line item cancellations for Buy on Google

Updated over a week ago

In the event you should cancel a line item from an order in your BigCommerce store, our app will send an email to you similar to:

Because Line Item Cancellations are NOT accepted by the Google API, you must log directly into your Merchant Center to manually cancel the line item of the order.

  • Start by logging into Google Merchant Center

  • Click Orders > All Orders

  • Locate and click on the appropriate Google order ID associated with this order

  • On the next page, click the 3-dot icon in the order panel

  • Click Cancel line item

Follow any further prompts by Google Merchant Center to complete the line item cancellation.

Please Note: Because this is a manual cancellation, no further action is required. Sales & Orders will NOT import this type of change.

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