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FAQ: How do I upload my Pinterest catalog (feed)?
FAQ: How do I upload my Pinterest catalog (feed)?
Updated over a week ago

Before you get started:

  • Pinterest ingests your data source once every 24 hours and does NOT support scheduling or on-demand ingestion.

  • A maximum of 5 million products per account can be processed

  • Only one data source is allowed per business account

Starting from your Sales & Orders account:

  • Navigate to the Feed Tool>Feeds

  • Scroll down to File Feeds

  • If you don't have your Pinterest catalog created yet, select it from the drop down menu and then click Generate files. Please allow for anywhere from 5 minutes or more to have the file generated

IMPORTANT: Pinterest will only accept a CSV file so that is the only type available for copying.

From your Pinterest business account:

Before continuing on, be sure to have claimed your Website URL with Pinterest by going to

  • Paste the catalog/feed file URL generated by Sales & Orders into the field designated in the next step

  • Note that S&O file URLs are NOT password protected

  • Be sure to select CSV as the file type

  • Finish by clicking Create Pins

It is important to note that Pinterest will first Validate your catalog.

Additionally, it will take Pinterest anywhere from 1 to 2 days or potentially longer to review your catalog.

You can check the status in Data source in your Pinterest business account:

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