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FAQ: How do I customize my Facebook Shop design?
FAQ: How do I customize my Facebook Shop design?
Updated over a week ago

Creating a more engaging experience for shoppers is now easier than ever before with Facebook Shops.

You can customize the look and feel with collections, change the style of your Shop to remain “on brand,” and design an appealing home page as well.


Help guide your shoppers towards what they may want the most by organizing your top product groups into collections.

With collections, you can use your own product images to design or upload custom design work to be displayed.

To create a collection:

  1. Click the Shop tab on your Facebook Page

  2. Click Add Collection

  3. From Publishing Tools, click +Add Collection

  4. Name the collection, choose if you want it to be publicly visible and decide if you want this collection to be featured first in your Facebook Page shop

  5. Click Save when you're done. To add products to the collection, click + Add Products

Home Page

Beautify your Facebook Shop by displaying either your top-most collection front and center, or even showcase a grid view of more than one collection to help shoppers navigate more seamlessly to what they are looking for.

Shop Builder lets you do all of this with ease:

  1. Go to your Shop Builder

  2. Click on +Add

  3. Choose whether you want to feature collections and products with your own branded image or show a preview of the top four products in a collection in a grid

  4. Once you’ve selected what you want to feature, edit the image, text and title

  5. Publish your home page


Make sure that your Shop is consistent with your brand by customizing select stylings such as Colors, Buttons, Links, and Text.

You can update the style at any time afterwards, allowing you to adapt to changes in your brand image or just to “spice things up” a bit when you feel like it!

Go to your Shop Builder:

  1. Click Style

  2. Select colors for the buttons and links

  3. Select the size and alignment of the text

  4. Select the shape and outline of all buttons

  5. Publish your shop

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