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FAQ: How do I enhance my Facebook Catalog?
FAQ: How do I enhance my Facebook Catalog?
Updated over a week ago

HEADS UP! We know that some of this can get a bit complicated and confusing, but our team is here to help. Never hesitate to contact us via Live Chat Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST to request assistance.

Enhanced Facebook Catalogs may differ in their requirements based on your product type or vertical. They can be split into two specific groups:

  • Apparel & Accessories Products

  • Non-Apparel & Accessories Products

For both, the "base requirement" is Category Mapping which is available in your Sales & Orders account in the Feed Tool.

You must have Categories Mapped to enable an Enhanced Catalog. It is important to note that Category Mapping is based on Google's Product Taxonomy which Facebook accepts.

For Both Groups

See the following guides for Category Mapping in S&O:

If your products fall under the "Non" classification, then you are done! Keep reading on for Apparel & Accessories.

Apparel & Accessories Products

Similar to Google's Product Feed Specifications, Facebook requires the following attributes for Enhanced Catalogs:

  • Color

  • Size

  • Age Group

  • Gender

Color and Size are typically auto-mapped by your Sales & Orders account based on your ecommerce platform or feed import type:

  • BigCommerce: If you are currently importing all products, including variants, your Options are the standardized source for Color and Size

  • Shopify: Variants dictate your Color and Size mapping for products. Note that Shopify appends these values to Product Titles by default

  • Magento: Based on simple vs configurable products and specifically with regards to your Magento Mappings

  • File/URL Upload: All default mappings are based on what is in your existing URL or file uploaded to S&O. Should you not have Color or Size mapped, note that you must have access to our Advanced Modify add-on to do so in your S&O account

  • No Feed: If you are currently using an existing feed in Google Merchant Center then default mappings for Color and Size will be based solely on that feed.

Note that modification of Color and/or Size in Sales & Orders requires the Advanced Modify add-on for the Feed Tool.

Mapping Age Group and/or Gender in Sales & Orders

Age Group and Gender can be mapped for free using Modify Products in your Sales & Orders account should the attributes not be imported already.

It is important to note the following only for BigCommerce store owners:

  • By default, these attributes are no longer supported by BigCommerce. If you had ever been using the Legacy Google Shopping settings in your store, you must contact our team via Live Chat to request an import of these attributes. Otherwise, you would use Modify Products to map these attributes.

Refer to the follow guides below for mapping these attributes specifically. Note that the values for Age Group and Gender are FIXED and modeled off of Google's Product Feed Specifications:

Optional Enhanced Catalog Attributes (Apparel & Accessories Only)

Similar to Google, Facebook also accepts two OPTIONAL attributes for Enhanced Catalogs:

  • Material

  • Pattern

Mapping of these attributes in Sales & Orders requires the Advanced Modify add-on for the Feed Tool.

Default mapping of these attributes is only available for Magento, BigCommerce, File/URL Feeds and No Feed type accounts.

Refer to the following guides specific to Creating Modify Products Rules for Material and Pattern:

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