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FAQ: What are Google Search Partners?
FAQ: What are Google Search Partners?
Updated over a week ago

When setting up a Google Shopping campaign in S&O, you may note a setting to Include Search Partners:

It is important to note that (more recently) Google launched another Network in YouTube, Gmail, and Discover.

By default, this second Network is included when setting up a new Shopping campaign in S&O.

Including the Google search partners network which has been around for some time, allows your Shopping ads appear on other Google sites.

If you are limited by budget or are just starting out, we typically suggest excluding both Networks as they can cause your daily budget to run out too quickly on potentially less-relevant clicks.

While you can disable the Search Network in S&O, you can only disable YouTube, Gmail, and Discover directly in Google Ads.

  • In your Google Ads account, select the campaign you wish to edit

  • Click Settings

  • Scroll down to find Networks

  • Uncheck the box next to whichever Networks you wish to disable

  • Click Save

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