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FAQ: How do I update or change my website URL?
FAQ: How do I update or change my website URL?
Updated over a week ago

Important Note: When changing your Website URL you must ensure that you are not affecting the current Claim and Verification status of your site for Google and Bing. You may also need to make changes to other channels such as Facebook to ensure that your URL matches their records.

You can very quickly and easily update your website URL. This may be necessary should you:

  • Want to ensure channels such as Google have your HTTPS secure URL

  • Change your Domain Name and now must update this in Sales & Orders so your product feeds can be updated to reflect the change

To start Navigate to Account Settings > Account Edit in your S&O Account:

From here, update the Domain Name listed and scroll to the bottom of the section and click Update Account:

Updating Your Feeds

IMPORTANT! Simply updating your website URL will not immediately trigger your feeds to be sent to your connected channels.

Navigate to Feed Tool > Products and click Import Store Products to queue up a full sync:

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