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Applying Discount/Promo Codes
Applying Discount/Promo Codes

How to add a discount or promo code based on your account status

Updated over a week ago

There are two ways you can apply a Discount or Promo Code within your Sales & Orders account.

Billing Step: Onboarding Wizards (New Account)

On the Billing Step of any of the Onboarding Wizards for channels and programs in S&O, type in or copy/paste your code in the field provided:

Billing Profile: Shopping Cart (Existing Account)

If you've already passed one or more of the Onboarding wizards in your Sales & Orders account:

  • Navigate to Billing from the main navigation menu on the left

  • Locate the Cart flyout menu in the top right corner

  • Type in or copy/paste your code into the field provided

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