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Apply to partner with Advertisers and review existing Advertiser partnership statuses

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For Publishers, the Advertisers tab allows you to not only view existing partnerships but also apply to partner with new Advertiser opportunities.

Quick tabs here allow you to move been Not Applied, Pending, Rejected, Approved, and Closed Advertisers.

You can also Filter and Sort the table columns - helpful when you are looking to isolate the best partnership opportunities by select metrics such as an Advertiser's Sales Commission percentage.

Applying to Advertisers

By clicking on the Apply link next to any Advertiser, you will be prompted to confirm if you wish to partner with them.

Note that this simply sends a request and an Advertiser must approve your partnership prior to being to work with them.

Once an Advertiser approves your partnership request, they will be moved into the Approved tab and you will gain access to their Marketing Material and Feed.

Closed Advertiser Accounts

It's important to note that Advertisers may choose to disable the Affiliate Marketing Network OR that they may be removed from the program by S&O staff.

These Advertisers will be listed in the Closed tab of your account.

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