Publisher Dashboard

A brief overview of the Dashboard for your Sales & Orders Publisher account on the Affiliate Marketing Network

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The Publisher Dashboard provides a wide snapshot of not only performance metrics but also lets you keep up to date with new Advertisers joining the S&O Affiliate Marketing Network.

At the top you will find Today's Performance Snapshot with regards to metrics such as commissions and sales. Directly below this is the Payouts panel which shows metrics including total Received and Pending payouts to you as the Publisher.

All metrics other than Today are determined by the account level date range you have set in S&O at the very top of the interface

The Performance Chart provides an adjustable, graphed breakdown of select metrics such as Sales and Transactions.

Below this is a series of 4, color-coordinated panels for breakdowns for Sales, Commissions, Clicks, and Leads:

As you scroll further, you'll find the Advertisers panel which shows the number of Approved, Pending, Rejected advertiser partners and the Total number of available Advertisers in the entire program.

Just below this is a breakdown of your top-most performing Advertiser partners by commission type.

The New Advertisers table shows you Advertisers you have yet to partner with and will also import any newly added Advertisers as they join the Network.

By clicking on the green icon next to an Advertiser, you can Apply to become one of their Publishers:

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