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FAQ: Why are Buy on Google / Shopping Actions orders not syncing with my store?
FAQ: Why are Buy on Google / Shopping Actions orders not syncing with my store?
Updated over a week ago

There are only a few select reasons why orders may not be syncing back to your BigCommerce or Shopify store.

Here are the 3 most common reasons:

Program Not Fully Set Up

Had you not completed the Buy on Google wizard in Sales & Orders, including billing, then the app cannot process orders.

From the main navigation, click on Add Features > Buy on Google > Get Started. Make sure all steps have been completed:

Existing Orders Partner

For Buy on Google / Shopping Actions, only one platform or partner can be utilized at one time to sync orders to your BigCommerce or Shopify store.

You cannot run two services in tandem. If you are currently utilizing another platform or partner for orders, you will have to disconnect from them prior to having Sales & Orders support all order syncing.

Mismatched Product IDs

BigCommerce and Shopify send specific Product IDs to apps like Sales & Orders. Product IDs are how channels like Google identify your products.

In order pass back from Merchant Center, to Sales & Orders, and back to your store - the Product ID in Merchant Center must match the Product ID in your BigCommerce or Shopify control panel.

If these do not match, order syncing cannot pass back properly. This can happen when:

  • You are working with a different product feed app or provider that does not support native Product IDs or that is modifying your Product IDs to match a different attribute

  • You are submitting your feed manually to Google and are not utilizing the native Product ID format in your file or URL

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