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Marketplaces Dashboard

Use the Marketplaces Dashboard for a snapshot of performance metrics and details for orders

Updated over a week ago

The Marketplace Dashboard provide vital snapshot data and metrics with respect to:

  • Summary: Total orders tracked from Buy on Google and your ecommerce store

  • Platform (BigCommerce or Shopify): Filters reports to reflect orders stemming directly from your store

  • Buy on Google: Orders imported from Merchant Center as part of Buy on Google (Shopping Actions)

Note that the data represented is based on the default date range selection found at the top left corner of your Sales & Orders account interface.

The drop-down menu at the top right allows you to toggle between reports. In the upper portion of the app you'll find the adjustable Performance Chart and Metrics Panel with data such as Total Orders, Revenue, and more.

At the bottom you'll find the Orders Summary panel which provides a charted breakdown of your orders based on various statuses such as Shipped, Incomplete, and Canceled orders.

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