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Marketplace Orders: Shopify

How to check for orders sent back to your Shopify store from Sales & Orders

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Important Note: As a bonus feature, Sales & Orders will also import orders and order details directly from your Shopify store. Though these orders are not actionable within your account, you will still be able to view and track order statuses alongside Marketplace orders.

Note that order syncing is done automatically in the background every 10 minutes.

When logged into your Shopify store's control panel, use the main navigation on the left and click on Orders:

As the status of an order within your Shopify control panel changes, Sales & Orders will import the new status every 10 minutes and send it back out to Marketplaces like Google Shopping Actions:

Order Statuses

Your Sales & Orders account can import and send the following statuses from your store:

  • Cancel

  • Refund

  • Return

  • Partially Shipped

  • Shipped

  • Delivered

If an order status is anything other than the above, a value of In Progress will remain as the default until the order has been updated.

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