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Marketplace Settings

A brief overview of the Marketplace Settings panel for the Sales & Orders Marketplace feature

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Important Note: Sales & Orders automatically checks Google Merchant Center every 10 minutes for new orders captured via Shopping Actions. The maximum time an import from Google to S&O and into your BigCommerce or Shopify control panel is 30 minutes after this automated sync.

Additionally, its important to note that when first setting up your store's connection, Sales & Orders will not import past order history. The Import Orders feature can be used immediately after set up to import a set date range of past orders.

You may select your desired date range, and run both Import Incomplete Orders and Import Complete Orders back-to-back. Note that, in some cases, one import may require more processing time and can prevent the other from running immediately afterwards. Simply wait 5-10 minutes and then run the next import sequence.

Marketplace Settings

  • Where you will be able to add a contact email for notifications regarding orders processed between your account and your store

  • Where you can set the default date range for orders imported from marketplaces like Google Shopping Actions

  • Run manual imports for both Incomplete and Complete orders

  • Verify the connection status of your account to marketplaces like Google Shopping Actions

NEW! Order Status

You can now designate your default Order Status for any Buy on Google orders passed between Merchant Center, Sales & Orders, and your ecommerce store.

  • Under Marketplace Settings locate the Orders status section

  • Use the drop-down menu to select which status you wish to have passed back to your ecommerce store by default. Note that the app will automatically save your setting once selected:

When Sales & Orders syncs orders with Merchant Center, all orders sent back to your store will default to the Status you select. Note that this DOES NOT change the Order Status that is passed back to Google.

Google Actions: Import Orders

From the Date Range drop-down, you can select anywhere from 7, 14, 30, 60, and up to 90 days worth of order history to be imported from Google Shopping Actions.

Incomplete VS Complete Orders: Shopping Actions

  • Incomplete Orders: Identified as orders within Merchant Center where delivery of a product has not occurred

  • Complete Orders: Identified as orders within Merchant Center where delivery of a product has ocurred

With your desired date range set, you can click on either of the buttons to run a new import. You must confirm that you wish to run this import after clicking the button:

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