Important Note: Sales & Orders automatically checks Google Merchant Center every 10 minutes for new orders captured via Shopping Actions. The maximum time an import from Google to S&O and into your BigCommerce or Shopify control panel is 30 minutes after this automated sync.

Additionally, its important to note that when first setting up your store's connection, Sales & Orders will not import past order history. The Import Orders feature can be used immediately after set up to import a set date range of past orders.

You may select your desired date range, and run both Import Incomplete Orders and Import Complete Orders back-to-back. Note that, in some cases, one import may require more processing time and can prevent the other from running immediately afterwards. Simply wait 5-10 minutes and then run the next import sequence.

Marketplace Settings

  • Where you will be able to add a contact email for notifications regarding orders processed between your account and your store
  • Where you can set the default date range for orders imported from marketplaces like Google Shopping Actions
  • Run manual imports for both Incomplete and Complete orders
  • Verify the connection status of your account to marketplaces like Google Shopping Actions

Google Actions: Import Orders

From the Date Range drop-down, you can select anywhere from 7, 14, 30, 60, and up to 90 days worth of order history to be imported from Google Shopping Actions.

Incomplete VS Complete Orders: Shopping Actions

  • Incomplete Orders: Identified as orders within Merchant Center where delivery of a product has not occurred
  • Complete Orders: Identified as orders within Merchant Center where delivery of a product has ocurred

With your desired date range set, you can click on either of the buttons to run a new import. You must confirm that you wish to run this import after clicking the button:

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