Supported Feed Attributes: BigCommerce

Breakdown of the attributes imported from your BigCommerce store and sent to channels such as Google, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook

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Important Note: Sales & Orders is capable of importing either Parent Only SKUs or Options. You must request one or the other from our staff via live chat.

Important Note: At this time, Custom Fields within BigCommerce are not supported.

Important Note: Changes made to products or new products added to a store are imported automatically every 12 hours at maximum. You may override this within the app using 'Import Store Products'.

When viewing a product in your store:

  • Name (Title) - Important Note: BigCommerce does not natively append unique attributes to Product Titles. For example, if Product A is imported as 7 unique Option SKUs, their Product Titles will all be identical. This can be changed by using the Advanced Modify Rules within our app ($20/mo add-on)

  • Link - A products URL is imported by default. Note that Option SKU URLs are appended with a unique call to the SKU so that, after clicking on an ad, a shopper is brought to that specific Option on your storefront. Note that certain customizations or scripts in your store code may prevent this from occurring properly

  • Default Price (Price)

  • Cost - Optional, can be requested from our staff to be imported. Only used within S&O, not supported by channels

  • Sale Price - Optional, imported by default on Parent SKUs. When importing Options, only the Final Price is sent to channels to ensure products are approved

  • Categories - Converted to 'Product Type' attribute as specified by channels like Google

  • SKU - Imported by default, is not sent or supported by channels such as Google or Microsoft Advertising

  • Dimensions: Weight, Width, Height, Depth are imported if available. Only used primarily in support of Google's requirements for Carrier-Calculated Shipping rules

  • Description - Imported by default, channels such as Google and Facebook will strip out HTML

  • Shipping - IMPORTANT: Fixed Shipping Price is imported only when applicable and will override standard Shipping rules within Google Merchant Center. Free Shipping is imported with a cost value of "$0". When neither a Free Shipping or Fixed Price are applied, the app will not send shipping cost to channels such as Google

  • Availability - Imported by default, set to either "In Stock", "Out of Stock", or "Pre-Order" for channels such as Google and Microsoft Advertising

  • Images - All images are imported from the BigCommerce CDN and are sent as a URL or 'image_link'. For Parent SKUs, only the thumbnail is imported. For Options, the specific image tied to an option is imported. At this time, additional images are not supported by native import.

  • Size and Color: Specific only to Apparel & Accessories merchants, Size and Color are imported from product Option SKUs native to BigCommerce

  • Important Note: When importing Option SKUs, the specific attributes for each option are imported such as the SKU, UPC, Cost, Price

  • GTIN - Imported by default, sent to fulfill GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN) requirements

  • MPN - Imported by default when applied, if no MPN value is in BigCommerce, the product SKU is used to substitute to fulfill the MPN requirement

  • Brand - Imported by default, if no Brand value is applied, the Store Name is substituted to fulfill the Brand requirement

  • UPC/EAN - Imported if applied, satisfies UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN requirements

  • Condition (Not Shown Below) - Imported by default, applied as either 'New', 'Used', or 'Refurbished' accordingly

Google Shopping Fields (Deprecated)

These fields are primarily no longer utilized by BigCommerce store owners, and were deprecated quite some time ago.

As such, S&O does not support these attributes by default and we highly recommend that they not be used. However, based on certain conditions, our staff may be able to forcefully import these fields when applicable.

Important Note: Age Group and Gender are required for only Apparel and Accessories products and can be mapped within the S&O app at no additional cost. We recommend connecting with our team via Live Chat to get help on getting these set up for your store.


Numerical inventory values, though imported by default, are not supported by Google Shopping ads, Microsoft Advertising Shopping ads, or Dynamic Product ads for Facebook and Instagram.

However, inventory value is supported by Buy on Google and therefore will be sent to Google by our app when applicable.

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