Now available for Microsoft, you can set up Remarketing Audiences for your Shopping campaigns right from your Sales & Orders account.

Audiences for Microsoft Shopping campaigns work very much the same way they do for Google Shopping campaigns, allowing your ads to retarget shoppers who had previously interacted with one of your Shopping ads.

Additionally, you can custom configure Microsoft Audiences based on your desired criteria, such as designating audiences for Cart Abandoners.

To get started, you first need to have audiences already created within Microsoft Advertising. Below is a quick, step by step walkthrough on getting an Audience set up for the first time:

  • Starting from your Microsoft Advertising account, click Shared Library from the lower left menu

  • On the Shared Library page, click View Audiences

  • Important Note: Ensure that your Microsoft Advertising UET tag has been set up and added to your website. Here's a guide for set up.

  • Click Create remarketing list on this next page

  • In the New remarketing list menu, you will select the appropriate Tag for this audience, and then configure your audience settings

  • Click Save once you are all set

Adding Audiences in S&O

From the Microsoft Campaign Manager in your account, navigate to the new Audiences tab:

It's important to note that you may have to Import Audiences initially and any time you create new Audiences as Microsoft Ads will not sync these in real time.

Yet, much like Google, you can get started adding Audiences by clicking Add Audiences

  • Select a campaign to be edited

  • Optional: Select an Ad Group if you wish to have the audience only associated with that particular one in the campaign

  • Select the Audience you wish to add

  • Set your Bid Multiplier - a % increase or decrease to your bids just for this audience that is automatic

  • In Targeting Settings, its important to note that "Target and Bid" will force your ads to only display to the Audience. Thus, its highly recommended to set this to Bid only

  • Once satisfied, click Create

Should you ever want to edit an audience you have previously set up, simply click on the green pencil icon next to any of them to open the editing menu.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By deleting (Trash can icon) an audience in the app you will also remove it from the campaign in Microsoft Ads.

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