IMPORTANT NOTE: By pausing the automatic fetch cycle for integrated platforms, you will have to maintain the upkeep of your feed manually. Note that your feed can expire on channels like Google and Bing should you not maintain a consistent upkeep at maximum every 30 days.

For integrated stores such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento there is an automatic 12hr refresh cycle for product feeds which occurs in the background.

Additionally, a full sync is performed once every 7 days.

Some merchants may want to have more control over this cycle, and that can be easily accomplished with your Sales & Orders account. Here's how:

Pause Auto-Send

Your first step is to pause the Auto-send Feed function for 1 or any channel you are currently connected to.

Navigate to Feeds > API Feeds Panel > toggle Auto-send to off:

This will stop the automatic export from occurring at all times.

Import Store Products (Upkeep)

When you make changes to products in your store OR add new products to your store, you'll have to manually import them.

Navigate to Products > and click on Import Store Products:

Depending on the size of your product catalog, it will take several minutes for the import cycle to complete.

We typically suggest waiting at least 15mins before sending your feed(s).

Send Feed

After enough time has passed you can return to Feeds > API Feeds Panel to now Send Feed to your respective channels:

Do note that it can take up to 2 hours for channels like Google and Bing to process your updated feed. Facebook should update in at most an hour.

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