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FAQ: What is a "Manager Account" and how does Sales & Orders handle linking my account?
FAQ: What is a "Manager Account" and how does Sales & Orders handle linking my account?
Updated over a week ago

A manager account is a Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising account that lets us easily view and manage multiple sub accounts, including other manager accounts, from a single location.

Manager Account Auto-Linking (Google & Microsoft Only): When connecting your Sales & Orders account with Google Ads and/or Microsoft Advertising, your account will be automatically linked under our Manager Account level access respective to each platform. If you were to remove said linking while under any Free or Unpaid Sales & Orders Subscription Plan, your account will be automatically re-linked nightly.
โ€‹Google Ads Manager Account Linking

  • This linking is a conditional aspect of our Premier Partnership and API endpoint connection with Google which allows not only our team, but also Google more ready access to your Google Ads account for support and tracking purposes.

  • Our app and/or our team will NEVER make any changes to any of your Google accounts without express consent - such as when working with us to manage and optimize your Google Ads campaigns.

  • We do not link based on position nor do we remove any other 3rd party Google Manager account connections from your Google Ads account.

  • By disconnecting your Google Ads account from Sales & Orders, you will lose access to any and all features associated to that connection which may include but is not limited to the Feed Tool, Campaign Managers, and Repricer.

BigCommerce Stores Only

  • BigCommerce stores are connected, by default, to the Manager Account we share with BigCommerce as part of our joint partnership with Google.

Notification of this linking is provided at time of Authenticating to Google in Sales & Orders (see below) and is part of the Sales & Orders General Terms of Service agreement you agree to at time of setup of your account.

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