Ad schedules can be used to adjust when your ads are eligible or ineligible to display in the search results.

For Shopping campaigns, Ad schedules can be used to help with Limited by budget where you're daily budget isn't enough to get your ads through the entire day, an Ad Schedule can be used to cut back on spend during down times in shopper behavior or when you know you cannot process orders

To begin Log into Google Ads and select the campaign you wish to work with:

  • In the navigation menu on the left click Ad schedule

  • Click on the blue pencil icon or EDIT AD SCHEDULE button

  • In the editing panel, you can click ADD adjust the days of the week

  • After adding days or through dates, you can then adjust the times (ranges) for when ads will be displayed:

  • If you are satisfied with your changes, click SAVE 

Your new Ad schedule will now be displayed in the interface. Over time you can make additional changes or remove ad schedules entirely:

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