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FAQ: How do I remove products from my feeds?
FAQ: How do I remove products from my feeds?
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Out of the box (as in when under a free plan), the Products tool can be used to control which products are sent or excluded from your channels.

Products essentially works as a master control over all your connected channels, so whatever changes you make in this tab are reflected across all your feeds.

The tool can include 4 specific tabs, only two of which are actionable:

  • In Feed: The products that are enabled to be sent to all your channels

  • Not In Feed: The products that are excluded or disabled from being sent to all your channels

The non-actionable tabs include:

  • In Merchant Center: When connected to (and only applicable to) Google, this tab stores and displays the most current cached response from the Merchant Center API. While not actionable in any way, you can adjust the information displayed here and even export a copy of your feed in CSV format

  • Critical Issues: This tab is only available to store owners who used our app to create a new Merchant Center account and is only applicable to Google. These were automatically removed form your feed as they are high risk factors that can lead to the suspension of your Merchant Center account. Once these issues are corrected, we will dynamically push your products and add them to your feed in Merchant Center.

Use Case: Removing Products

Important Note: Products that are removed will be moved to the Not In Feed tab and will never be added back in automatically for any reason. Only you can add the products back into the feed. Also, whenever products are imported into the app, these products will not be updated or changed. You can only add previously removed products back into your feed. If products are removed and live in the Not In Feed tab, then they will never be updated upon imports from your store. Also, if products are in this section are removed from your store, they will still remain under Not In Feed until you add them back in and then run Import Store Products.

The same exact functions outlined below can also be applied to Adding Products back into the feed using the Not In Feed tab

The In Feed tab under Products is where you can perform product removals. This can be done a few ways including:

  • Selecting Products: Use the check boxes next to each to mark off specific products, page by page, to be removed. Then use Remove Selected to finalize your changes

  • Filtering: Use the filter icons in any column header to hyper-focus on specific products. Once filtered, you can still choose to Select Products or Remove All to finalize your changes

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