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Advanced DIY Maintenance: Using Device Bid Adjustments
Advanced DIY Maintenance: Using Device Bid Adjustments
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Device Adjustments are a way to set a broad percent modification to your bids in Shopping campaigns and/or ad groups on both Google and Bing. 

This can help you to control your spend and cut back on wasted advertising dollars based on what type of device shoppers are using to find your products in the search results. With them, you can set all bids within a campaign or ad group higher or lower per specific device. 

  • Mobile

  • Tablet

  • Desktop (Includes Laptops)

Device Adjustments can also be used to clear up Limited by  Budget notifications for your campaigns.

Use Case Example

You've been running campaigns for some time and have noticed that when you Segment performance based on Device, your ROAS on Mobile devices is not very strong.

This could be due to a number of things such as:

  • Your site is not mobile-friendly

  • Checkout is too difficult on a smaller device

  • Shoppers are simply not converting as much on mobile

To reduce your spend on mobile across all products, you can set a % decrease modifier for the Mobile Segment only:

  • Navigate to Campaign Manager > Campaigns

Note that if you wanted to do this for specific ad groups, you would perform the following actions in the Ad Groups tab instead

  • Scroll down to the campaign you wish to make adjustments to

  • Select Device

  • Click on the blue percent text for the campaign

  • Apply your desired modification

  • Click Set

Such an adjustment will reduce all product bids across this campaign by 50% but only for the Mobile Segment.

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