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Feed Optimization: Product Title Structure & Tips
Feed Optimization: Product Title Structure & Tips
Updated over a week ago

Your Product Titles are the #1 metric used by search engines like Google and Bing to surface your products when shoppers search and trigger ads to appear.

While each industry has different recommended structures, there are key elements to titles that should be translated across all verticals including:

  • Character Length: 150 characters may be the maximum length allowed in your product feed, however it is suggested to front-load the most important terms within the first 70 characters

  • Avoid Excess Capitalization: Only capitalize the first letter of each word. "All Caps" product titles are not only a bad practice, but Google Merchant Center will even deliver a suggestion to clean this up

  • Remain Natural: Don't just "keyword stuff" your titles. Keep the flow of each term as natural as possible. You can also use dashes (-) or pipes (|) to separate key elements such as Brands from Color etc.

Below are some of the more common verticals and suggested title structures to go along with them

For Advanced Users

There are select tools available to you both inside and outside of your Sales & Orders account to change or modify your product titles at will.

  • Keyword Injector: Only available to those with Ad Channels enabled, this tool takes search queries from Google Shopping and provides a unique interface for making changes to titles product-by-product. Refer to this guide on using this feature

  • Supplemental Feeds (Google Merchant Center Only): Supplemental feeds provide additional, or supplemental, data that can be connected to existing product data in the primary feed. Supplemental feeds cannot add or remove products, or be used as a standalone feed; instead, they're used to update existing product data directly in Google Merchant Center, outside of your Sales & Orders account. Refer to this guide on using Supplemental Feeds

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