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DIY Maintenance Part 2: Basic Bid Updates
DIY Maintenance Part 2: Basic Bid Updates
Updated over a week ago

Important: Your S&O account provides you the freedom to create your own strategy for driving success with Shopping campaigns. The following guide is a general suggestion from our team when managing bids in your Shopping campaigns on a weekly basis.

Before you make any adjustments, be sure to set your account-wide date range to an appropriate setting based on how long it has been in between bid updates (ie 30 days for example):

Updating Bids

How often should this be done? We typically don't recommend making general bid updates more than once every 3 to 7 days. If you're just getting started out with Shopping campaigns, performing the below suggestions every week is a good place to start.

Note: Your account is equipped with 4 pre-built Filters designed specifically for performing bid updates. You can create and save your own custom filters as you see fit.

Filter #1: Zero Impressions

Products that have not been served in the search results can be isolated with this first, pre-built Filter. This could be due to the Max CPC bids not being high enough to compete in the auction.

  • Navigate to Campaign Manager > Update Bids to get started

  • Select the Campaign you wish to make changes to

  • Note: You may select a specific ad group but by not selecting one, changes will be made to the entire campaign

  • Scroll down and open the Filter panel

  • From Select a Saved Filter choose Zero Impression Products and click Add Filter

  • Scroll down once more to Modify Bids

  • From the drop-down menu you can opt for Bid Suggestions, Set CPC To, or Increase CPC

Since the goal here is to Increase Bids - either of the above bidding types will work. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click Post All to send changes to the Pending table.

Pro Tip: Don't finalize your changes just yet. You can perform additional changes and add them all to the queue before finishing up

Filter #2: Zero Conversions - Over Margin

Products that have spent ad dollars but not converted are simply wasting your budget. There's more than one way to work with these products, however the pre-built Zero Conversion - Over Margin Filter is a great way to get started.

This Filter specifically looks for products that have spent money, not converted, and the spend has exceeded the profit margin on said products (individually). 

Since we just performed one set of bid changes, you can queue up this Filtered set very quickly:

  • Scroll back up to Filters and click Clear All Filters

  • Select the Zero Conversion - Over Margin Saved Filter to repopulate the Modify Bids table

  • Scroll down a bit to Modify Bids

  • From the drop-down menu you can opt for Bid Suggestions, Set CPC To, Decrease CPC, or even Exclude Products

The goal here is to either lower bids so that products don't continue to overspend, or you can be more drastic in your approach by excluding products. Excluding these products will stop them from serving ads in the search results entirely.

Once you are satisfied with your changes, click Post All or Exclude All to send these to the Pending table:

Last Step: Post From Pending

Now that you have queued up all your changes, you can finalize everything in the Pending table. 

Once the above changes have been sent over, you can either tab over to Pending or click on the Pending Queue Notification in the header.

Click Post All from here to complete everything

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