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DIY Maintenance Part 1: Adding New Products
DIY Maintenance Part 1: Adding New Products
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Important: Your S&O account provides you the freedom to create your own strategy for driving success with Shopping campaigns. The following guide is a general suggestion from our team when managing products in your Shopping campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Adding New Products

How often should this be done? As often as needed. If you are adding new products to your store every day then this can be performed at the same rate. If you do not add new products often then doing this weekly should be enough.

Note: You may need to Import Products prior to adding to ensure your S&O account is in sync with Merchant Center. To do this:

  • Navigate to Products

  • Click Import Producs

  • Allow for 5 to 10 minutes for the import to process before continuing

Now, return to Campaign Manager > Add Products and queue up your changes:

  • Select the Campaign you wish to work with

You can let our app handle which ad groups to add products to or select Manual Build to select a particular ad group:

  • Auto Build: By default, the app will control the number of ad groups needed and which products are added to those ad groups. The maximum number of products per ad group is 14,000.

  • Manual Build: Only to be used if you were fully customizing your campaign's ad groups

  • Applied Filters: Automatically, the app will seek to only add products that are either Approved or Pending in Merchant Center. This is because Disapproved products are ineligible for ads.

Do note that you may choose to change your filters at anytime, however it is highly recommended to maintain the default Approved/Pending filter as well. 

Once you are ready, scroll down to the Modify Bids panel and choose how you wish to set your initial Max CPC bids. We recommend using the Bid Suggestion Engine if you are just starting out, however you may also choose to:

  • Set a specific Max CPC bid for all products

  • Increase or Decrease the current CPC (typically based on the Suggestion) before posting

Once you are satisfied, click Add All To Pending to send these Adds to the Pending Table. 

OPTIONAL: Now or Later?

You will need to go to Pending to finalize your changes and have them pushed to your channel. However, if you plan on performing any additional tasks such as updating bids you can save this for AFTER queuing up all your expected changes.

Please be aware that it can take several minutes for this to completely send to your respective channel. Once this table has cleared, you can log into either Google or Bing Ads to confirm.

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