Important Note: Google has a set minimum CPC of .01 while Bing has a set minimum CPC of .05 - the app will not allow a bid lower than .05 for Bing.

When setting up a Shopping campaign for Google or Bing, the app will automatically assign product-level Max CPC bids in the Add Products tool.

They will appear as Suggestion and CPC at first:

These initial bids are calculated based primarily on your Cost (COGS) and Margin. The bids are set at a level that is geared towards ensuring that products do not overspend.

Note that you do not need to use the Suggestion. You can alter all initial Max CPC bids by changing the Modify Bids type.

For example, if you wish to set all products to a higher CPC than the Suggestion, you can use Set CPC To:

It's also important to note that Suggestions will never exceed your default Min and Max CPCs in Account Settings:

However, when modifying your bids using either Set CPC To or Increase CPC- you can exceed the Maximum CPC Bid threshold.

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