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Tag Rules

Use Tag Rules to tie product performance with your product data sent in your feeds

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Recommended for Advanced Users: Tag Rules are a new way for you to connect the dots between campaign/product performance and your product feed. Tag Rules are only available to Full Access Plan users on $50/mo plans and higher and who also have access to the Advanced Modify Add-on for the feed tool.

To access Tag Rules, navigate to Account Settings > Rules and scroll down to the bottom of the section:

Click Add Tag Rule to get started

Building Your Rule

IMPORTANT: The Example we are going to be using is set to Frequency run every 3 days so it will take at least 72hrs before Tags will be applied as per this example. The minimum Frequency run time for rules is 1 day. If you were to create a Tag Rule based on one day, a full 24hr cycle must run before products are tagged.

Our example Filter is for "Products With Zero Impressions".

Tag Rules will automatically add your chosen value to the Filtered products based on the Frequency run time of your Rule. The value is categorized under a new attribute called S&O Tag.

  • Start by filling out all the basic information required

  • Name your rule, set its status, select a Channel to base it on and campaign from that channel

  • In this example we are using Google as our channel

  • Select your Ad Group

  • Add your tag - Use your own custom naming structure. In this example we used zeroimp and then clicked ENTER to set the tag

  • Select a Filter (Campaign Manager) to base your tag on. In this case we are using Zero Impression Products

  • Set Frequency: Tells the app how often to check for these products and will apply the tag to them

  • Date Range: The base date range that is used to factor in your chosen Filter. ie This example looks at product data based on 14 days

  • Click Add Rule once you are satisfied

Applying Tags in Your Feed(s)

Now that we have successfully added this S&O Tag to the Filtered products, we can use this tag to modify products in your feed.

As a best practice, the use of Custom Labels 0-4 are the recommended feed attributes to be used in connection with Tag Rules and S&O Tags. 

However, you can also use S&O Tags simply as a Filtering criteria in Modify Products which can be in turn used more specifically in either Include or Exclude From Feed rules. 

  • Navigate to Feed Tool > Modify Products

  • From the attribute selector, choose your Custom Label (0 in this example)

  • Click Add Rule

  • Use Rule Definition > Text Attribute Builder and apply your desired value as Custom Text:

  • Under Filter Products click + Add Filter and select S&O Tags as the Field

  • Type should be Equals (Exact Value of your Tag) or you can use Contains as well for a value that exists within your Tag

  • Under Product Channels, toggle which channels you wish to send this new Custom Label to.

  • Click Save to complete your setup

IMPORTANT: Now you need to send your Modification to your Channels

  • Navigate to Feeds > Feeds Panel and click Send Feed for one or all channels you wish to send to (one at a time)

  • Pro Tip: For integrated platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify, you can navigate to Add/Remove Products and click Import Store Products to queue up a full sync which will automate the sending to each channel

With this Custom Label 0 now applied to the matching products, you can now use it as a Filtering element specific to the conditions of the Tag Rule in Campaign Managers for Google and/or Bing:

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