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FAQ: How do I use Supplemental Feeds in Google Merchant Center?
FAQ: How do I use Supplemental Feeds in Google Merchant Center?
Updated over a week ago

Please Note: Supplemental Feeds are only available in Google Merchant Center

Supplemental feeds provide additional, or supplemental, data that can be connected to existing product data in the primary feed. Supplemental feeds cannot add or remove products, or be used as a standalone feed; instead, they're used to update existing product data. Supplemental feeds can provide additional information to multiple primary feeds.

To use a supplemental feed, connect it to existing primary feed through the id attribute. Supplemental feeds will only update your product data when the supplemental feed contains IDs that already exist in a primary feed.

Google Sheets is the preferred format for creating and uploading Supplemental Feeds to Merchant Center simply due to convenience.

  • Start out by creating a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets

  • ALWAYS: The ID column must be used every time

  • Use all other columns for data to be modified or provide additional attributes

Below is an example using Custom Label 0 as the attribute to be "added". Once uploaded to Merchant Center this will supplement your primary feed with the data you have entered:

Uploading Your Supplemental Feed

Log in to your Merchant Center account:

  • Click Products then Feeds

  • Click on Add supplemental feed

  • In the next section name your feed, choose Google Sheets, then Continue

  • Click Select an existing Google spreadsheet in the next menu

  • Recommended: Create an upload schedule

  • Click Continue

  • Select the Feed and appropriate Country/Language

  • Click Create Feed

Last Steps!

  • To complete the setup of your Supplemental Feed, click on the feed name after the above step:

  • On the next page, click Fetch now:

Google will typically process your changes shortly after completing the fetch.

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